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Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI Celebrates 90th Birthday



Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, the Catholic pope emeritus popularly known as Benedict XVI on Sunday celebrated his 90th birthday. The Catholic Pontiff was once the Pope (papacy) of the Catholic Church from 2005 to 2013.

However, he was elected pope on 19 April 2005, inaugurated on 24 April 2005 and resigned on 28 February 2013, reason reported to have be aged.

Born on the 16 April 1927, in Marktl, Germany, Emeritus pope Benedict XVI believes in ‘Co-operators of the Truth’ which he said is his motto “(Cooperatores veritatis)”.

Pope Emeritus, Pope Benedict xvi and Pope Francis, wishing him a happy Easter and birthday greetings

It was gathered that Pope Francis, the supreme head of the Catholic church has visited Pope Emeritus for Easter greetings and birthday wishes. Several greetings and birthday wishes coming from Catholic fateful were reported to have been much.

Pope Benedict thanked all and charges the fateful to support the spread of the risen Jesus Christ in addendum with his purpose of death. He urged the world to embrace peace, unity and love with one another.