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After 23 Years Of Childlessness, 52 years Old Woman Gives Birth To Triplets In Niger State



For the past 23 years, Amos Kolo and his 52-year-old -wife Victoria, had waited patiently for God to bless them with a child. Penultimate week, their prayers were answered bountifully, as the woman was delivered of triplets.

Expectedly, the Minna General Hospital extension became a Mecca of sorts, as people from far and near trooped to the maternity ward to catch a glimpse of the God’s bundles of joy, as Kolo, the 60-year-old father of the babies was overwhelmed by excitement, as he danced tirelessly round the Labour Room when news of the babies’ arrival was broken to him.

For Kolo, a staff of Lavun Local Government Council in Niger State, the arrival of the triplets, though coming late, has wiped off their tears and the burden of stigmatization associated with childlessness.

But Victoria, the mother of the babies, who works with the Federal University of Technology, Minna, said she had held on to the words of God in the Holy Bible as her consolation that there shall not be barrenness in the land, while she waited for a miracle for over two decades.

Quoting copiously from the Bible, she emphasized that the word of God kept her hope alive, even when people called her a barren woman. “People called me a barren woman, but I said no, I’m not barren, that as far as am still alive, I’m an expectant mother. God said there shall not be barrenness in the land.”

Victoria said five years before she tied the nuptial knot with her hubby, God revealed to her in a dream that she would pass through the path of childlessness for 28 years, so she knew it would be a long wait for a baby.

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“It happens that we had our sisters’ week in my church when I was in school.

So in the course of her preaching, the speaker told us about a family that at 50 years of age, they were rich but had no children and they resorted to going to herbalists and they lost Christ, such that they became very poor and they couldn’t have a child. So, I used that to always build my faith. Each time I remember that story, it strengthened my faith in God,” she said.

Besides, she disclosed that her husband was patient with her throughout the period she was childless, a situation that gave her hope and comfort. “For 23 years, my husband was very patient with me and continued to tell me that God would do it and that we should be patient. He always said that God knew what He will do and when He will do it. Each time I had any dream, he would say we should pray about it. He will ask that do I believe that God will one day answer our prayers, and I will say yes. I am 52 years and so going by scientific postulations, I shouldn’t have been expecting a baby again, but God has proven it wrong.

“For all these years, one of my weapons had been this book, Daily Manna. I want to use this opportunity to tell women who hold belief in God for this that God has not forgotten them; they should put their absolute trust in God. The day that I discovered that I was pregnant, I said to myself that God is alive’ I told my husband that God has done it for us.”

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From that moment, the couple had prayed fervently for a safe delivery, to which God answered then recently. “God that started the work will surely finish it; God will perfect everything about them, God will not forsake them,” she retorted, when asked how the couple would cope in taking care of the triplets.

Interestingly, her husband says what has preoccupied his mind in the 23 years of childlessness, had been who would inherit his property after his death. Hear him:

“For all this while, my thought has been who will take care of my property when I am no more. But my wife and I continued to put our trust in God because God that did it for Hannah in the Bible, we believed, will do it for us. Each time I find myself in the midst of people discussing about barrenness, I walked away because I always believed that I should not be part of such discussion. The day my wife told me she was pregnant, I knelt down and I told God that may He give me the grace to see my own child.”

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