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Unpaid Allowances: See What Super Falcons Fan Page Posted



​It is no longer news that Super Falcons players have not been paid after winning the just concluded Nations Cup in Cameroon.Also,President Buhari is yet to host them.Super Falcons fan page has called out Buhari and NFF for the humiliation given to the girls despite them winning the trophy.Below is what they wrote…..

‘thenffofficial please pay these champions let them have a good time with their families this Christmas! As a nation we can borrow and take loan for irrelevant things but for priorities like this, we leave it till it’s worse and then they negotiate chicken change payment to take advantage of one’s need for payment of salaries and bonuses. We will shame you thenffofficial until you people learn to treat other people’s children right or at least respect the rules of the game that players need to payed! #SFFP Cameroon that did not win is being hosted by the president, our girls that won are yet to be received by Mr. Buhari. All he has done was write a congratulatory tweet. This nation is in a sorry state. We tell ya! Priorities gone wrong’