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Omg! Two Ladies Fight Dirty in Public Allegedly Over a Man (Photo+Video)



​See how two girls disgraced themselves by fighting foolishly in public as people watched them.

Two women have disgraced themselves in public after fighting in public allegedly over a man. The two girls engaged in a brutal fight in the open and had to be separated by people. The fight took place in Kenya.

The video which was posted on Facebook shows the moment the two girls attacked each other. The huge girl rough-handled the slim lady and beat her mercilessly.

In the video the lightskined lady is heard insulting the STRONG Ugali fed lady “Mimi naweza kubishana na housegirl, housegirl mwenye analipwa 3,000 per month” right before the ‘Macho’ Lunje lady picks her up like a newspaper and throws her down beating her like a burukenge.

Watch the video below:

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