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Newborn Babies Should Not Use Car Seats For More Than 30mins – Experts



​Found this old but very important, lifesaving piece of information. Read below…

Scientists have advised that parents should not put their babies in car seats for more than 30mins to avoid the risk of suffocation. Doctors warn that very young babies whose neck muscles are not strong enough to stop their heads flopping forward could stop breathing. Manufactures say babies should not be left in the seats for more than two hours…

but doctors are calling for that information to be updated to reflect expert medical findings with regards to very young babies.

Dr Peter Fleming, a paediatrician at Bristol University, carried out research that shows newborn babies may be at risk in car seats. He said: ‘If you can avoid a journey, it’s probably better to do so, restricted to no more than half an hour or so. ‘But try to avoid unnecessary car journeys with young babies.’

The research authors warn: ‘There have been reports of deaths of infants who have been left in a sitting position, including in car seats – both on journeys, and when parents have used it as an alternative to a pushchair or cot for the infant to sleep in.’

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