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I Loves Sex So Much! – Female Lawmaker Publicly Declares



​A fierce female lawmaker has openly declared that she loves s*x so much leaving many people in shock.

An outspoken Mbita Member of Parliament, Millie Odhiambo has left many people shocked after she publicly declared that she loves s*x so much.

The Kenyan lawmaker openly declared her love for s*x as a response after the infamous altercation on Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) between Esther Passaris and Nairobi aspirant Miguna Miguna, Tuko reports.

Odhiambo said:

“You shall not use it as a tool to demean me or another woman. We don’t have s*x with spoons, biro pens, cooking sticks, snakes or tables. We have it with men, like you. If I have it with one or many men, I will be answerable to God, not you.”

She added:

“The way you will answer to God for having s*x with one woman or more, including your daughter (for the depraved). If you are not ashamed of having s*x then stand to be counted, after all, I did not invent s*x, neither did you so don’t blame me for it, same way I will not blame you, proudly woman enjoying my sexuality and proud of it.”

However, her open declaration has caused controversy online.