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Give Buhari Time, He Is Not A Magician – Tinsel Star, Funmi Holder



​Popular Nollywood actress, Funmi Holder, has urged Nigerians to give the Buhari-led government time to fix things as they are not magicians.

She added that she does not believe in the term ‘recession’ as it does not in any way affect her.

Speaking with the Nation, the spinster, when asked how the economic crisis has affected her, said “Well, fortunately for me, I do not believe in the word ‘recession’ and what you do not believe in cannot be a part of your existence, so, no economic crisis in my world.

On her advice to the Federal Government on the issue, the Tinsel star said, “I can only appeal that they do their best in stabilizing the economy as quickly as they can.

“It can’t be easy to come into power and do magic. It’s a process.

“We need to support our president.”

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