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Expelled Hausa Actress, Rahama, Attends Movie Premiere With Akon In USA (Pics)



​Expelled Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau is unstoppable.The actress who is currently in Los Angeles attended the premiere of the movie “Road to Redemption” alongside Akon.The event was held on Tuesday,Nov 1 at the Raleigh picture studios in Los Angeles.

“Road to Redemption” which features Akon,Vica Bianca and Margret Avery opened the Pembroke Taparelli Arts Festival (PTAFF).The 4-day event is to honour domestic and International entertainers who are committed to promoting global change through arts.

Road to Redemption talks about Samantha,fresh out of medical school who took a volunteer position in Nigeria.Her Western preconceptions were ruined by what she encountered.With the help of an educated tribal chief,she tried her best to reform(Redemption) this part of the world into the modern era.

Just turn your phone a for a while to continue watching… Lol?

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