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Chinese Couple Forced To Strip Off And Have Sex In Front Of Wedding Guests (Photos) 



​A new video from the Chinese media shows that a couple were forced to have sex as their guests gleefully cheered. At the beginning of the two-minute clip, the bride and her groom sat under a red ‘lucky’ duvet, barely dressed. Their wedding bedroom was decorated with many red ornaments, a lucky colour in China.

Then, several female guests asked the couple to take off their pants. A pair of grey leggings, believed to belong to the bride, was taken off the bed by an excited friend of hers. The bride then handed her red underwear to her friend.

After a while, the groom followed suit handing his black underpants to the guests. Under the pressure from the wedding guests, the naked couple hugged each other in the bed.

But the guests were not satisfied.

Afterwards, another female guest tried to help the couple have sex by pressing the bride’s buttocks against the groom’s body through the duvet. The guests could be heard laughing hard. However, they were still not satisfied.

After they made sure the couple were in a correct position for sex, they pulled away the duvet to expose their naked bodies. The groom immediately snatched the duvet to cover himself and his wife. The guests again burst into laughter.

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