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Russian Women Strip To Their Underwear & Beg People For Money To Buy Clothes (Photos)



​These Russian girls had an unusual way of raising cash to go on a shopping exhibition – by stripping down to their underwear and asking motorists to give them money to buy clothes.

It was all part of a locally organised workshop teaching young women about how to find a husband in which apparently stripping naked and asking for cash for clothing was one of the lessons.

The bizarre incident took place at night in the city of Kazan in central Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan.

Footage made on a smartphone by one of the passers-by shows the bunch of young women in their underwear asking for 100 RUB (1 GBP) per motorist for clothing items.

One of the half-naked women said on the camera: ‘Do you have 100 roubles for a T-shirt. We are going to Nizhniy Novgorod. This is a quest. Please help us.’

Local media said that seven young women had been involved in the stunt, stripping down to their underwear to make the unusual appeal for shopping cash.

The motivation behind the action was even more bizarre when local media revealed that all the young women were taking part in a workshop aimed at teaching them how they should behave in order to get married.

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The women had apparently paid some 25,000 RUB (250 GBP) to take part in the three-day event.

Netizen ‘Andrey Ol’ said: ‘I thought they were looking for Pokemon.’

And online user ‘123’ added: ‘They are all brainless idiots.’

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