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2 Women Nabbed For Attempting To Smuggle Phones To Convict In A Maximum Prison



​Two women who attempted to smuggle prohibited items to an inmate of the Ankaful Maximum Security Prison in Ghana -have been arrested. Madina Sadat and Akosua Attah, in an attempt to outwit the security officers at the gate, hid the items; eight mobile phones, under their wigs.

Luck however eluded them as the vigilance of the officers in subjecting them through a thorough search exposed the items. The two women had come to Ankaful from Kumasi to visit an inmate, Sadat Mohammed, who was serving a 70-year hard labour jail term.

According to the Prisons Central Regional Public Relations Officer (PRO), Assistant Superintendent of Prisons (ASP) Daniel Machator, the two were arrested on July 16, 2016, at about 9:00am.

Madina Sadat told the officers the convict was her husband. The PRO said the items comprised of six Nokia phones, two Techno phones, ten phone chargers, and six USB cords. Upon interrogation, the two confessed the prohibited items were meant for the convict, Sadat.

Investigations are however underway by the prison authorities to establish the relationship between the prisoner and the visitors, and also unveil how the visitors received information from the prison yard to bring the prohibited articles, he said.

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