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OMG! Business Man Makes Shocking Confession, How he Slept With Virgins and Used Their Blood for Rituals



​A 46-year-old businessman Stephen Nortey has made a shocking confession how he has been sleeping with virgins to maintain his wealth. The man revealed that he was forced into the business because of his desire to get rich overnight. He further revealed that he was forced into sleeping with virgins by his spiritual father in order to keep his wealth increasing.

Nortey who hails from the New Juaben Municipality in the Eastern Region of Ghana, claims that one Togbe Atsu, a spiritualist who resides in Nankese, a suburb of the Suhum Municipality initiated him into sleeping with virgins which is the main source of his wealth.

 He claims he uses a special handkerchief given to him by his spiritual father Togbe Atsu to wipe off the blood that comes out of virgin girls after sleeping with them, and later drop it in a pot which is meant to produce money after he goes through some incantations. “I make a whopping amount of ten thousand Ghana cedis (GH?10,000.00) anytime I have s*x with a virgin”, he disclosed on Koforidua-based Bryte FM.

The businessman reveals that he lures his victims with gifts and when they become unconscious, he makes a snake given to him by the fetish priest enter their private parts if he desires foreign currency and can make up to $50,000 in a day.

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On how he is able to get his target ladies, he said “I smell of money and that speaks for me. I have been doing this for the past twelve years and have so far used about thirty young virgins.”

According to him, all all virgins he has come into contact with will not be able to bear children because they have become barren and their wombs used for his usual rituals.

According to him, it is his desire to quit the practice following threats he has received from some of the ladies he reportedly slept with; but he has been warned by Togbe that any attempt to stop will lead to his death. Nortey has therefore advised the youth especially young girls to be wary of the kind of wealthy men they date disclosing that they may look so outwardly but are the devil’s incarnates within.

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