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Enugu Men Are Divorcing Their Wives Because They Were Rap3d by Fulani Herdsmen



​The spate of attacks by Fulani herdsmen in Enugu State, South-eastern has began to have an indirect effect on the marital lives of married couples. The married victims of r*pe in the hands of the Fulani herdsmen are currently losing their husbands as a result of the stigma attached to sufferers of s*xual abuses. A major victim is the Eke Town Union in Udi Local Government Area where the rate of alleged rape has been linked to divorce in the area.

The town union’s President-General, Mr. Anthony Enu, spoke about the issue when he testified in the commission of inquiry into the killing of people in Nimbo community on Monday, 8th of August, 2016. Enu said that the situation had become scandalous because no man would take in a woman who had been messed up by suspected herdsmen.

“The herdsmen are consistently molesting our women and daughters infecting them with serious diseases thereby causing indirect divorce in our communities, ” he said. “If my wife is messed up by the herdsmen, why should I take her in again? This will mean that what is holding her will hold me.”

According to him, communities in the area have had their fair share of attack by the cattle breeders, adding that no fewer than 10 people had died as a result. Enu recounted how three residents of Ogui village, Iloafonsi Ofokansi, Aniago Egbo and Josephat Maduweke, were killed in cold blood by suspected herdsmen in 2002.

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He said, “Mr. Isreal Eneje was working on his farm with his daughter when the cattle breeders took their animals to his farm. He protested and told them to go away and they ended up killing him. “They have killed many of our people in the past and in each case we report to the police station at 9th Mile. “The herdsmen are now assuming to be landlords and have been harassing our people. They should leave our communities in peace. ”

Meanwhile, the Agu Umabor Town Union in Nsukka Local Government Area has said that it is opposed to the creation of grazing reserves in their area.

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