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SAD! Two Nigerian Kids Crying After Losing Their Mum At Sea On Their Way To Europe (Photos)



​Two Nigerian children were pictured crying profusely in photos gone viral after losing their mum on their way to Europe from their overcrowded boat off the coast of Libya while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea into Italy.

In a bid to escape the crippling economic conditions in Nigeria, countless Nigerians on a daily basis embark on a journey to Europe, through the back door, and while many make it, for many others, it is their last journey before finding cold solace among the sea beds of the Mediterranean sea except if their corpses are recovered.

In some heartbreaking photos making rounds online and social media, two Nigerian siblings aged 10 and 11, recently lost their mother on one of those ill-fated trips embarked upon by African migrants to Europe.

The pair, whose collective anguish, was captured on camera, were among 150 migrants recently rescued from an overcrowded rubber boat along the coast of Libya as they attempted to transverse the Mediterranean into Italy.

The heartbreaking photos shows the sibling’s pain as they cried their lungs out just as they sought to console one another.

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