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Kim K. Leaks Secret Video Of Phone Call Between Taylor Swift and Kanye West



​Taylor Swift has reacted to the audio/video evidence Kim Kardashian released proving Kanye took permission from her regarding his “Famous” song lyrics.

She is mad pissed and says Kim and Kanye are committing “character assassination” because they’re making it seem like she lied when the truth, she says, is that Kanye NEVER mentioned the “that bitch” line.

The internet went into MELTDOWN today when Kim Kardashian Snapchatted a video of a call between Kanye West and Taylor Swift discussing his song “Famous”.

Kanye had dropped the lyrics that said: ‘I feel like me and Taylor (Swift) might still have sex…..I made this b*tch famous”. Only for Taylor to come crying to the world that the lyrics were very disrespectful and she’s upset.

Kanye said he took permission from her and she was cool with it, Taylor said he never did only for Kim to release the secret recording.

Taylor posted a scathing message about Kim’s Snapchat, saying …

You don’t get to control someone’s emotional response to being called “that bitch” in front of the entire world.

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