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Hide Your Face In Shame For Ordering Disarmament Of Unarmed Biafrans- IPOB To IGP



The Directorate of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, yesterday stated that the retiring Inspector-General of Police, IGP, Solomon Arase should hide his face in shame for ordering the disarming of Biafrans, shortly after the massacre of IPOB members during their May 30 remembrance day ceremony in various parts of South East zone.
In a press statement issued by its spokespersons, Dr. clifford Iroanya and Emma Nmezu, IPOB said by such an order, Arase is complicating and deepening his indictment, conviction, and sentencing at the International Criminal Court, ICC in the Hague because every one knows that from day one, IPOB members are not armed.
According the statement titled: “The retiring & tired IGP Solomon Arase and his unfounded allegations against IPOB“, IPOB declared: “Mr. Solomon Ehigiator Arase, you are aware of the menace of Boko Haram, the serial killings of Biafrans by Buhari’s killer squad known as Fulani Herdsmen, and the extra-judicial killings of Biafrans by Nigerian security outfits, yet you have failed to issue a single press statement on them. But you shamefully issued tissues of lies which you called press statement even after your policemen and Nigerian soldiers killed unarmed Biafrans some of them in their sleep inside a church as they prepare to remember their fallen heroes and some of these fallen heroes were similarly killed by Buhari in 1968 at Owerri”.
“Mr. Arase, as you retire on June 21, 2016, be it known to you that you will have no rest until you get to your final destination which is ICC prison in the Hague. You can tell all the lies in the world and try to manufacture evidence for your colleagues in the DSS so that they can use it against the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu who is currently standing trial in court but the incontrovertible fact is that nobody can stop the restoration of the nation of Biafra. The restoration of the nation of Biafra is an ideology and no human being born of a woman has ever defeated or exterminated an ideology”.
“For those of you who participate in the wanton killing of Biafrans, thr statement continued, there shall be consequences and the boundary of these consequences are limitless and can include members of your family both immediate and extended because no one takes a Biafran life and gets away scot-free”.
IPOB contended that by that order, Arase was probably trying to make the job easier for Buhari’s Department of State Services, DSS who have been hopelessly looking for the “smokine gun“ with which they will convince the trial Judge, Hon John Tsoho, that IPOB is a violent organization so that the Judge will uphold charge No. 2 in the case against the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, but he forgot that he can deceive the people for some time but not all the time”.
The statement asked rhetorically: “How many of Buhari’s Fulani Herdsmen who massacred men, women, and children in Biafraland have the police arrested? So, are you always blind to the fact that the so-called Fulani herdsmen are moving freely with AK-47 assault rifles? Why are you not arresting them or are they a special breed of Nigerians who are above the law? Why are you turning around this case of murder against your policemen to make it look like it was the unarmed Biafrans that were doing the killings? Are you making this press statement to cover your tracks and that of Col. Issah Abdullahi”?
“It will interest Mr. Solomon Arase to know that the Head of Directorate of State of IPOB discussed the upcoming May 30th Heroes‘ Remembrance Day with the Commissioner of Police (CP) in Anambra, Hosea Karma, and then followed it up with a letter which is attached to this press release. It is a shame that Solomon Arase is displaying crass incompetence and ignorance by lying through his teeth with concoctions that IPOB members were armed and that they attacked Nigerian policemen and killed two of them in Asaba, delta state on May 30”.
“Perhaps he would have saved himself this embarrassment by conducting thorough investigation and checking with the CP in Anambra state. Now the entire world has seen through his lies and he is complicating and deepening his indictment, conviction, and sentencing at the ICC with these latest lies from the pit of hell”.

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