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Wife Blames Menopause For Denying Husband Sex



A 64-year-old man, Mustafa Ariori, yesterday, urged a Lagos Island Customary Court to dissolve his 32-year-old marriage to his 60-year-old wife, Tawakalitu, over sexual starvation.
Ariori, who runs a rental service, told the court that his wife had stopped preparing meals for him for over six years and had denied him sex for three years.
He said that the problem started when his wife followed one of his friends to Osogbo for his father’s burial for six days.
Ariori said: “My wife started misbehaving after she followed my friend to Osogbo in 2010. When she came back and I attempted to make love to her but she refused.
“Our two children, Yetude, 31 and Bilikisu, 28, who are now married and my club members had, on different occasions, tried to mediate without success.”
His wife, a businesswoman, told the court that she loved her husband and she had been the breadwinner of the home.
She said: “I feed and clothe my husband. When I had money to spend, there was no problem and complaints. I usually travel to Dubai to buy male and female wears; my business started dwindling because there was no money.
“This whole problem started because I have no money to spend on my husband again. His friend that I followed to Osogbo told me that his club members has found him a woman much younger than me, who he is presently dating.”
Tawakalitu said that she had been denying her husband sex because of menopause.
After listening to both parties, the President of the Court, Mr. Awos Awosola, adjourned the case till July 12 for further hearing.

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