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BREAKING: The Avengers Calls Radio Biafra: Warns Buhari NOT To Step Foot In Biafra Land Or Consider Himself Dead!



The dreaded Niger Delta millitants who we see as fellow Biafrans just called Radio Biafra tonight,warning the genocidist Buhari never to step foot in Biafra land or consider himself dead!!!
They started by saying ” This is Niger Delta Avenger…it has come to our notice that the Nigerian army killed our brothers who went to remember our dead heroes, the army will hear from us, you are all monsters but you must pay. Any Niger Delta elder working against our people should also sign their death warrant. Finally we are urging all Biafrans who to us are our brothers to keep faith with Nnamdi Kanu as they cannot harm him even in their custody thank you”.
This is a fore-warning to Buhari who had planned to visit ogoni land, in a charade of showing deep concern for the people of that part of Biafra land.
The millitants who recently has been showing solidarity with Nnamdi Kanu by calling for his unconditional release as ordered by competent court of jurisdiction, warned that should Buhari try to come or send any delegate, he should sign either of both death warrant as they are assuring them that they will never make it out of that region alive.

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