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Star War Icon, Luke Skywalker Pays Tribute To Leicester



The actor who played Luke Skywalker has hailed the Foxes’ magnificent ‘underdog’ Premier League victory and likened their story to the Jedi’s journey to defeating the Empire
Leicester City have received congratulatory messages from around the world following their Premier League title victory – and now even Luke Skywalker has sent his props.
Mark Hamill, the actor who plays Skywalker in Star Wars, has paid tribute to the Foxes’ unlikely title triumph, suggesting it is the footballing equivalent of his famous character’s journey to defeating the Empire.
“Nobody knows what it is like to be an underdog and severely underestimated,” Hamill told The Sun .
“I was Luke, I was in the same position and Leicester, you surprised us all and grabbed the gold for yourselves.
“That’s fantastic, everyone is gob-smacked and over the moon. Chuffed as they say.
“Congratulations Leicester, let me tell you something – everybody is thrilled for you and we know, The Force is with you now, tomorrow and always.”
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