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PHOTOS: Girl Narrates How Her Friend Who Went Missing In Enugu Was Found Dead On The Road



Below is a post shared on Facebook by Jennifer Oyatabu about her friend who was found half naked and dead on a roadside in Enugu. She had been missing for almost two days before her dead body was discovered. Such a heart breaking story.
Read below….
She answerd a call on sunday night… We overhead her saying dat som1 called her to come dst dey will use her face for calender.. Dat dey will pay her 250thousandshe never wanted to go… After some while a gal called her bk for dsame stuff. She was preparing to go, ma sist asked her if she knows d person she said dat is some1 she met on d rd… She told her not to go dat is not geniue… She insisted and left.. She called ma sist bk around 7pm and told her dst she csnt come bk again dat she will come bk the next day.. On dat monday everybody was trying her number no way till on sunday…. I was telln everybody dat our friend is missn. On tuesday one guy ran to me and said he overhead me wen was saying we r looking for ma friend.. Dat there was a gal dey killed at transecul penus… She demonstrated her… I told him to follow me 2 ma sist houz so dat dey will knw d way she dressed out we reach there ma sist brought out d pic she snapped b4 she left… D guy started crying and say she is d one. We took off going to one station or d other finally we reanch to trasecul police station and comfirm dat she is d one… She was lying half naked on d rd. With d beating dey gave her. Her face swallowed up. Blood was coming out from her mouth, noise and ear… her two eyes was very black… Chai… D pad she used 4 her mensis was beside her.. D killers went away with her phone… Put her slipoers beside d flower… We went to d mortuary today and saw our friend lying helplessly dead there. i cryed out ma eyes… Buh nomata how amount of cry i cried even if o cry out blood she can never come bk again. Death na so u dey. Chai… I never believed untill today.. God pipo r so wicked and hrtless.. Omalicha duh rest untill u fight bk those wicked killers of urs.. They took away ur precious life by force.. So fight bk chai we loved u… And we are going to miss u well.. Rip ma love untill we path to c nomore… Jee nke oma ezigbo nwanyi”

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