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"I'm Happy The Ref Blew The Final Whistle to Stop Me From Scoring The Winning Goal Against Eagles"- Salah



Mohamed Salah said yesterday he breathed a sigh of relief when the referee blew the final whistle in the 1-1 draw in Nigeria as he was on his way to one-on-one chance to score because hundreds of home fans were watching the game on the side track around the court.
“I breathed a sigh of relief after the ref blew the final whistle,” Salah, 23, told Al-Ahram Daily newspaper.
“I was afraid when I received the ball and was heading directly towards the goal to score what could have been the winner,” Salah said.
“Had I been able to score, I wouldn’t have been able to tell what exactly the fans’ response would be, that’s why I thanked God right after the final whistle.”
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