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Babysitter Who Cut off Toddler’s Head Says ‘Allah’ Ordered Her to Do it (Photos)



A woman who cut off the head of a toddler she was babysitting and gallantly walked out from the house to the metro station said Allah ordered her to kill the baby.

A woman accused of murdering a child in her care and brandishing the child’s severed head outside a metro station claims that “Allah ordered” her to carry out the act, The Mirror reports.

The woman identified as Gulchekhra Bobokulova, a 38-year-old mother of three sons from Uzbekistan, who spoke to reporters on her way to the courtroom while smiling accepted she was guilty.
who the Russian press has dubbed ‘the bloody nanny’ was asked as she walked towards the court room handcuffed to a police officer why she killed the child, and she replied: ‘Allah ordered me.’

It would be recalled that on Monday, police wrestled Bobokulova to the ground as she was displaying the severed head of a child outside a Moscow metro station, in an incident that stirred fears of an Islamist terrorist attack.

Bobokulova was arrested as half a dozen police officers swooped near Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station in Moscow, Russia, as she reportedly shouted she had a bomb.

The dead girl’s mother, Ekaterina, is now being treated in hospital after collapsing when she was told the news by police.

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Russian officials have said Bobokulova was suffering from mental health problems.

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