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“Why I Stabbed My Neighbor To Death”- 22-Year-Old Nursing Mother



A 22 year old nursing mother and student of the Benue State Polytechnic, Nwuese Ayom, was few days ago nabbed by the Benue state Police Command for allegedly stabbing 22year old Tererse Ayua to death in Gboko town.

The Office Management Technology, National Diploma 11 student who attributed her action to provocation has become a ghost of herself since her arrested in Gboko.

The single mother who gave an account of the circumstances that led to her unrestrained attack on her neigbour that eventually led to his death blamed the devil for what happened.

She said the decesaed who was her neighbour at Gboko West, had for a period of time teased her over the baby she had some four months ago.
Recounting her story, Nwuese said, “we were neighbours, I had nothing with him, he used to abuse me since I had my baby, sometimes he went as far as accusing me of abandoning my baby at night to sleep with other men.

“He kept doing it over a period of time though I kept begging him to leave me alone but he refused, not until few days ago while I was sitting outside the house peeling oranges and attending to by baby.

“He came and started harassing me threatening to beat me up and claiming that I was mocking him because he had issues with somebody in the neighborhood.

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“I tried to explain that I would not have nothing to do with him or any issue that has to do with him but he would not listen.
“Before that day he had always accused me of flirting with men;that I left to sleep out while I left my baby to cry at night, which was not true though.

“I tried to explain to him that I went to make my hear but he would not listen to me, he continued as if he was my husband, threatening to deal with me.

“The hot exchange led to a fight, he beat me and my baby fell from my hand, it was at that point that I reached for the knife I was peeling the orange with.

“A struggle ensued and it was in the mist of the struggle that I mistakenly stabbed him in the stomach and he left me and staggered backward and started shouting for help saying that I had killed him.
“At that point passersby and neighbours gathered at the seen, some took me away while some others rushed him to a nearby hospital. I later learned that he died before reaching the hospital for treatment.” She stated.

Speaking on the matter, the Benue state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Paul Yakadi said the suspect would be charged to court at the end of investigations

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