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HELP!: My Neighbour's Wife Peeps Through My Door, What Should He Do?



Just got this mail from a reader, your advice is needed urgently please;
I packed into dis house early November last year, shared a 3 bedroom flat with dis born again couple married for 4years but no kids. I’m a kindof of guy dat prefers privacy so much dat i can stay in doors 4 d whole day (thanks for d constant power supply) and i’ve med my neighbour and d wife understand dis.
It all started d 1st time i had a female visitor, d look on d woman’s face isn’t friendly dat my friend even noticed it, but i told her to overlook it since am new here. But just dis Tuesday a female friend visited me, after bathing, we cuddled and was watching movies with d fancy lights on wen i felt some1 was watching us through a little hole on d door. My friend confirmed it too wen i stood up d person moved away and i feigned ignorance and continued wit d movie. Few mins later d person came again, dis time i rushed n opened d door, d Lady ran inside and jammed her door. Funny tin was dat her husband was in d bathroom waiting for her to join him. Then i went back n slides d curtain, she quickly came out and join d hubby in d bathroom.
Now my problem is dis, Should i confront her or report her to d husband b4 it turns out to be another thing?
Abeg 4get my grammatical errors as i no d speak plenty grammar as an Engineer wey i be. #Lol
Please help and advice him on what he should do. Use the comment box below…

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