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7 Key Ideas To Make Your Blog The Best



These days, making money from blogging is no longer as easy as it used to be when Internet subscription was still expensive in most part of African countries, example Nigeria.
These days getting approval from Google adsense or any other well paying advertising medium is burdensome. So for you to get these approvals you have to implement or consider making your blog the best or let me say among the best. 
So do this you have to work on the following; 
1. Design: As a blogger you don’t need to get stuck with your default blog template, you need to think of something unique, beautiful and attractive, something a reader will like to visit again after coming for the first time. A lot of people will say this blogger is using the default template and he / she is making it, but let me ask you one question; How old is the persons blog? You need to be creative to beat those who have been into the game long before you. So try to customise your template as much as you can.
2. Contents : It’s not just about building a blog, your equally have to consider what you have to offer. Don’t think that you will make it coping other people content and pasting them on yours, nobody will pay you for copied contents, again you risk been banned by Google and other search engines. You have to write original content, things that people will search on the search engine. Use your own style. 
3. Performance / Speed : Try as much as you can to reduce the time it takes your page to load. The faster it load the more the chances that the visitor will come back again. This can be achieved by reducing the number of images on your home page and also don’t add unnecessary java script to your site. Remember time is money! So speed should be money too. 
4. Consistency: Don’t create a blog and blog for just one week and leave it lying ideal for months, years. That shows unseriousness. And when you don’t want to take your blog serious the nobody will take you serious. Publish original content at least one per day, 1 / week and 1 / month aren’t that bad, but this will help people know that you have come to stay.

5. Purchase Domain name: Most people ignore blog which have blogspot or WordPress subdomain name attached to their blog domain name. so if you want people to click on that link you shared then consider purchasing a domain name.  Upgrade! 

6. Social Media Network: After writing a content the best way to let people know that you have written a new content is by sharing them on social media network. This is necessary cus as a newbie it will take time before your blog get high ranked on search engines. since some good old blog where there before you. Examples of the social media network : Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc

7. SEO: Most blogger and webmaster might claim to be guru in SEO but you will end up discovering that they suck.  SEO stands for Search engine optimisation, if properly done your blog get well ranked in search engines. SEO is like a topic of it own, so I will be writing on it alone in my subsequent post. But for the main time I will say just include your meta tags and description.

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