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How Federal University Of Agriculture Final Year Student Died Due To Doctor Delay



Student of the University of Agriculture Abeokuta  was dead due to the incompetence/negligence of the Doctor on duty.She had an accident on the road that leads to school while on bike and she was rushed to a private hospital,the Dr at the private hospital then said the case was too much for him and she had to be transferred to the Federal Medical Center and a letter would be requested so they had to go to the health center to get the letter and also requested for an ambulance to convey her to make it faster .
The Doctor on duty refused  despite it being the SUG president that went to request for the letter insisting they must bring her first which would have definitely led to more time wasting,eventually they went back to the private hospital and the Dr there gave them the letter.
They got to FMC idiaba in Abeokuta with the student Union Bus 10minutes afterwards and she was pronounced dead! Then the Ambulance got to the private hospital an hour afterwards long after she had died!
After spending 4 years in tough funaab and preparing for final year. This is not the first time they are displaying such incompetence as they give antimalarial/antibiotics for practically every kind of ailment yet we pay for medicals every session.

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