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Google Celebrates Nigeria's 55 Years Of Independence (Photo)



Since 2010, Google has been creating illustrative artwork that feature the colours, cultures, flags or fabrics of Nigeria on her independent day anniversary celebration.
Last year, to mark the Nigeria’s 54th Independence Anniversary Day celebration, Google had a .GIF doodle that features the three most popular means of transport for daily commuters in Lagos, the country’s commercial capital — the motorcycle, popularly referred to as okada, the mini-bus, popularly known as danfo, and the tricycle, widely known as keke marwa.
The passengers in these vehicles also appear to represent the three major tribes — Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba — respectively, dressed in their native attires and carrying the Nigerian flag, grining and waving as they ride on.
Nigeria gained independence on the 1st of October, 1960. This is the third doodle for Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary to be created by Google since October 2010. in 2013, Google featured the colours of the Nigerian flag, green and white, with a touch of different shades of green and grey patterned like a Nigerian (native) fabric popularly sewn and worn by the Hausas.
in 2015, below is the picture of what Google used to celebrate Nigeria’s 55 years of Independence