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Are We There Yet?



Let me take you back before the occupy nigeria protest, before we became politically conscious and correct. When we all ranted at our different Umunna meetings but never made it to any national dailies, when there was no creating a sexy hashtag to drive home our points and let the international communities know how rotten our Government had become. Back in those days we saw politicians as gods of the hills, granting blessings to their ardent followers who never asked questions but took the dividends of democracy as deemed fit by their masters.
When Chimaroke Nnamani brought so many Nkanu people out of poverty and created the Ebeano dynasty which trampled on many rights and left dead bodies on it wake (or so they say)
The American returnee Governor took refuge on CNN with his Enugu is working lectures as advertisement became a major part of our State budget. Owed workers took to the roads to carry out the burial ceremony of a sitting Governor, what guts! When Fr. Mbaka was still a lone voice in the wilderness, before he even got caught up in the Change movement.
When Sullivan Chime, Ayogu Eze and Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi  were part of the same family, at least politically. Before Sullivan knew the price of Picanto cars and started giving same out as “thank you for coming” tokens to his female visitors. And then changed the face of Enugu, attracted million dollar investments and finally took over, gave out or sold government properties to his families and cronies (another story on the block).
Back when Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi took the name Gburugburu because of his generosity in the company of his stingy associate who later battled the governorship slot with him, as he was judged not by competence but by his kind heart (kind hearted people seldom make good leaders, not my saying). And we joined in his campaign train without asking questions, or were we given the chance to ask any question because he was anointed? I doubt it, we had no choice but to fall in line.
Now let me slap you back to reality, to what has become of our anointed one. He is still the kind hearted one we voted in as Governor, giving out political appointments to those who have nothing to do in Government anymore, why? He is kind hearted and generous, those old politicians must be settled and rotated to keep their families oiled. At 29 years, I
judge by the book because I wasn’t here when things went wrong or I was too naive to comment then, so don’t forget I now am politically conscious and correct.       
So going by the book, it appears to be a repeat of the past, more like settling those who lost out of the last administration. Continuity and Consolidation! What a perfect phrase for a State that won’t pay its workers if the monthly allocations stopped     coming. I’m not one of those insisting for a position for the youth who campaigned to bring them folks to the seat. All I’m asking is a platform to engage those we have voted into power and those they have selected to serve us. A Government that is open and transparent, one that listens and ready to meet her citizen needs. Mr Governor, you can’t disappear on us, going AWOL is not acceptable. Reducing our hard earned democracy to your Umunna gathering is not what I went round the 17 local government Areas to campaign about.
Let me paint the big picture for you, you are going to be voted out or returned depending on what you make of the next few months, you still have plenty time on your hands. Engage us or pretty soon people will start asking “Are we there yet” and they are going to be disappointed. The choices you have made and those yet to come are going to impact on my new business, here’s my real concern. Stop being kind hearted and start being a Governor, don’t share us money but share with us your time. What can I do but give friendly advice on my birthday.
If my advice is not taken then somebody wake me up when we are there.
By Ajuluchukwu B. Edechiene
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