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5 Mysterious Things That Happens In The Body After Death



Death is something a lot of us don’t want to think about that perhaps maybe the reason it is called the great beyond.
A lot of mysteries surround what happens to our corpses after death and very little of it has been unravelled asides the typical and obvious decomposition which can be easily observed.
With the advancement in technology however, a couple of the mysteries surrounding what happens to our bodies after death have come to light. The advancements in the field of forensics particularly gives light to some of these dark mysteries.
1). The Corpse Twitches
You probably have heard at one time or the other that a corpse was found moving in the morgue or a casket which is perhaps one of those mysteries surrounding death. Scientifically, a dead body can make certain movements during the process of transitioning to the ‘final death stage’.
These sudden movements can be attributed to residual brain activities which cause the twitching and sudden jerk motions during the death process.
2). Males Get An Erection
Depending on the position at the time of death, a considerable quantity of blood may settle inside the corpus veins of the pen*s which may cause the pen*s of the dead person to appear erect. People that die face down are most likely to have an erect pen*s after death.
Chances are the pen*s would look flaccid after death even though seminal discharge maybe found around the pen*s. This discharge is mostly due to pa$$ive leakage of fluids from the prostate gland and not a typical seminal ejaculate.
3). Farts Come Out Through The Mouth
Almost all systems of the body shuts down after death including the immune system. Once this happens, normal flora Bacteria present in the gut begin to invade upper respiratory tract and bloodstream. Once they do, they feed on the tissues causing autolytic action and eventual decomposition.
As the Bacteria eat up the tissues, a lot of smelly gases are released which gets trapped in the gastrointestinal tract. If the corpse is moved, the gas that has built up may be released through the anus or mouth. The smell is quite foul and has been compared with that of vomit or flatulence.
4). The Corpse Makes Sounds
One critical part of resuscitation is pumping in a high amount of oxygen into the lungs and stomach. After death, the air in the lungs can still escape from the body especially if some considerable amount of force is applied on the chest or stomach of the dead person. The sounds which come in the form of grunts, moans and grunts do so when this air is expelled from the body as they flow past the vocal chords. This sound can be terrifying to say the least but it still forms a myth which has just been unravelled.
5). The Body turns purple
The purple colour is perhaps the final stage of the body going gangrene. It is somewhat difficult to notice given that the areas people would commonly glance at are the faces, arms and legs which would appear very pale. If you however take a more in depth look at other areas of the body such as the contours and curves lining the back and the underside of the shoulders, you’re bound to see that area looking purple.
You may want to ask why this is so, but the truth is the moment your heart stops beating, the gravitational pull of the earth tends to force to aggregate in the blood vessels. This process is refered to as livor mortis. This pooling of blood makes the skin area where it occurs purplish in appearance. However, Dr Joye Carter, chief forensic pathologist at the Indiana University School of Medicine says that the pooling does not necessarily occur on the backside but is determined by the position the corpse was lying in as at the time of death. That area would be the one to take up the purple colour.

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