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Photo Of Nigerian Women Being 'Taught' How To Wash Clothes In 1915



This was in 1915 and shown in the photo are the women of Yagba in Egbe, now present-day Kogi State given what was described as ‘a lesson on how to wash clothes’ by white missionary, Mrs. Thomas Titcombe.
Egbe is an ancient town bordering Kwara and Kogi states and as far back as the early 20th century, it received foreign missionaries like Reverend Tommy Titcombe (a British-born Canadian missionary) and his wife a missionary with SIM (Sudan Interior Mission; now Serving In Mission) who arrived Egbe in 1908. Both of them later learnt Yoruba and the Yagba dialect with which they preached the gospel of Christ to the people. The popular Titcombe College was named for the reverend and they also set the foundation for the ECWA Hospital, Egbe, one of the biggest Christian hospitals in Kogi State.