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Why I Removed My Friend’s Intestines – Islamic Cleric



An Islamic cleric, Fatai Aderounmu, 27, has told the police why he and others removed the intestines of a dead man before dumping his body in the river. The man, now in police custody, said the victim identified as Rafiu, was his friend. He said Rafiu’s death was caused by a human error, contrary to police allegation that the victim was murdered in cold blood and that his body parts were shared among other Islamic clerics.
Aderounmu said that he prepared a concoction for the deceased, which was supposed to make him a successful crane driver. The suspect said that he did not know that one of the chemicals in the concoction was too much, until Rafiu started complaining of stomach ache, slept and died.
According to him, when he realised that Rafiu was dead, he became afraid. He told colleagues in the area and they convinced him to dump the body into the river to avoid detention. Aderounmu added that the clerics further assisted him in dissecting the body by removing the intestines.
He said: “We only removed the intestines to stop the body from swelling, bursting and smelling. We did not leave that place with the intestines. We left it there.” The suspect said he regretted his actions, adding that if he had known the situation would turn out the way it did, he would have alerted the police. He explained that he met the late Rafiu at a park at Morogbo, Okomaiko, Lagos State. According to him, the man later paid his bus fare after they boarded the same vehicle. He said: “I introduced myself to him as an alfa (an Islamic cleric) and also a traditional medicine man. He told me that he would like me to be assisting him to make concoction which would help him succeed in his work as a crane driver. “On February 10, Rafiu called and paid me N2,000 in advance. He said I should help him make some charms, which I did.
“But I did not know a certain chemical was too much in the mixture. On February 13, which was a Friday, Rafiu came for the mixture. He said he was very hungry. I gave him food. I actually bought the food for him. After he finished eating, he drank the mixture. He went to sleep. He started feeling sickly and decided to spend the night in my house. But a few minutes later, I noticed he was no longer breathing.” Aderounmu said he called the attention of other Islamic clerics in the area. He added: “Four of the clerics went with me.
They advised that the body should be thrown into the river to save my head. I cooperated with them. We carried him to the nearby forest, removed all his intestines and dumped his body inside the river.” But, according to him, two days later, Rafiu’s wife called him, asking if he had seen her husband.
Aderounmu denied seeing the deceased. He said: “The wife further went to ask another cleric close to my house. It was that man who told her that he saw me and Rafiu a few days ago. “Rafiu’s wife and family members reported the case to the police. I was arrested. But I never intended to kill Rafiu.”

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