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“How I Escaped Being Ritually-Killed With 7 Heads Of Cattle” – Obasanjo



Former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo recounted his near-death experiences over the years in his memoir ‘My Watch’. According to him, “The most bizarre of such reports was the burial of 7 heads of cattle alive which would lead to my death within 7 days. The man who told me the story participated in the process and he was the head of Daily Times Group at some time in the past and a columnist in another national daily.
Before the expiration of the expected time of my death, he called me on the telephone to find out if I was ill. I told him I was not. On the 7th day, he called again and was obviously surprised that I was alive and kicking. When much later he told me the story, I told him that greater service would have been done 7 heads of cattle had they been killed and distributed to the poor”.
He further disclosed that,
“My experience over the years is that those who rely on fetish practice to protect themselves, seek favours and progress, or harm others are deceived by the fetish practitioners and believers and also deceive themselves. I believe very much in prayer and the power of prayer but not fetish prater promoted in the name of Christian, Islamic or native African religion.”

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