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6 Reasons Why Some Girls Get Used And Dumped



Girls always complain of being used and dumped, always complain of heart breaks and so on without actually knowing that they usually contribute to that. A guy can cheat on you but will never leave you for another girl if you are actually what he wants, you have seen cases where a guy will be cheating on his girl friend but he will stil let the other girl he is messing up with know that he has a girl friend o! Its true that no matter how good your girl friend is, some guys will stil cheat on their girl friends but the main thing is…is he cheating because he wants to get another girl and dump you or is he cheating because its in guys’ nature to do so and after that, he stil minds his girl friend, begs and cries if he is caught in the process? Below are some of the reasons why girls are being cheated on and get dumped at the end.
Some girls are fond of loving and dying for the fine boys, the huge and well built guys, tall and cute with red lips without knowing how good or bad the guy is, without knowing if the guy even has 1% of likeness not to talk of love for her. One funny thing about guys is that once you come to them or throw yourself at them and open your legs, they wil enter and enjoy themselves whether they have any feelings for you or not. You the silly girl will keep throwing yourself at the fine boy and he will keep having fun with you and be using you as his sex machine while he has someone he loves; at the end he will dump you and go to his girl friend while you start shading tears of heart break and being dumped. Love and date someone who loves you too and values you no matter the looks.
Yes…once a girl sees a guy with money and good car and house, love instantly and automatically starts and develops. You obviously forget that guys are wise, you also forget that there is this girl that has been with him when he wasnt rich and you believe he will leave the girl and date you because you are beautiful, sexy, good in bed or pretend to be good and pretend not to be after his money? Its true that some guys forget about the girl and dump the girl who was with them when they were poor once they make money but 90% of guys who later make money stil dont forget. If you think its a lie, ask Dangote.
Some girls can go any length to get a guy who is famous. Loving and dying for a famous guy is like a poor person who always wants to travel with a private will lie down on your bed and keep imagining until you sleep off and continue the imaginations in your dream. Sometimes, you will be lucky to get the famous guy by doing all you can, playing all your tricks and stil believe he is yours forgeting that so many desperate people like you are also doing same thing you did or same trick you used. The famous guy will stil use you and dump you at the end and go to his girl friend or you think he doesnt have a girl who loves him for whom he is. If you think its a lie, ask Tuface Idibia.
I think I have exprienced this one in the past. Some girls will never get satisfied no matter what you give them. Am not talking of being satisfied in bed, I mean materially and financially. There are some girls that have been used and dumped and will stil be used and dumped tomorrow even if they meet a millionaire due to insatiable character and too demanding. You will buy a balckberry for her, she will want iphone 6. You buy iphone 6 for her, she will demand for a car, out of love you buy the car for her, she will demand for a house for her family when you havent married her yet o! Such a person will never get satisfied and trust guys, when they find out you are such a person, they will hurry to use you and dump you.
This is one of the major reasons why guys use and dump most girls. Some girls are so good in painting themselves outside, looking good outside and when you take them home, you will realise that she is like a breathing wood and an empty entity. She cant cook well, she cant keep her surroundings neat and clean, she is lazy, a dirty type, lousy and what have you. You will be like…God, what kind of girl is this. Guys and their cunny nature, he will stil use you and dump you and run to his girl friend that knows how to take care of things. No guy will ever dump a good girl for a bad girl unless you use charm and the charm wil one day get expired.
Some girls have broken so many guys’ hearts that its now their turn for their hearts to get broken by guys. One girl unknownly said it one day that she believes the reason behind her numerous heart breaks is because of her past life styles. According to her; “she has broken so many guys’ hearts, she has been so careless, so negligence and wicked towards some guys who truly loved her in the past, now what she did to men is what she is expriencing now”..she said. You will take advantage of the fact that this guy loves you and cant do without you and be messing up with his heart, some girls will be like am too beautiful and too pretty for his type; that I can always get any guy any time she wants and as such will be playing with every guy that comes her way especially that person she knows that loves her so much. By the time she will feel she is ready for a relationship, all the good guys must have been hooked up and those that she will get will be out to use and dump her as revenge or due to nemesis.

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