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2-Yrs-Old Boy,Kaleb Ahles Shot Himself To Death While Playing With His Dad's Gun



A two-year-old boy in Florida, Kaleb Ahles was killed on Wednesday, January 21 after shooting himself with his father’s gun.
The incident occurred around 5pm as his parents were moving out of their house on Misty Hollow Lane. The child’s father, Kevin Ahles, had a .380 caliber handgun secured in the glove compartment of his vehicle which the boy found and shot himself with.
He sound of the gun shot drew the attention of his parents who found him in his own pool of blood. Kaleb’s mother, Christina Nigro, and his aunt started giving him CPR as the family waited for help. He was transported to Trinity Hospital but was pronounced dead some time later.
According to statement by the police, the parents did not do anything wrong by leaving the gun in the car and would not face charges for the death of their son. “
“I don’t think anybody can punish these parents any more than what they’ve been punished. This is something they will carry with them and live with the rest of their lives,” police told newsmen.

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