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Is Facebook Blocking Your Ireporters TV Post/Link? Here Is A Solution



Is facebook blocking your Ireporters post? don’t worry.  take the steps below, create a new blogger account, post the code we have given you below and start posting again.
Step 1.- Go to and create a new blog (just make it simple)
Step 2.- After creating your blog, open the create a new blog post link
Step 3.- Add your blog title
Step 4.-Copy the code below into the HTML of post (remember to change “yourwebsite link” to the link you want to share.
<script type=”text/javascript”>window.location.href = “_____PROMO_____URL_____”;</script>
Step 5– Copy and share the new blog post.
If you follow the steps correctly, it will redirect the viewer to the page you want them to go.
Don’t forget to drop your comment if it works for you.

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