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'Asking Churches To Pay Tax Is Foolishness'- Church Disagree With CONFAB Ruling



Prelate and Moderator, General Assembly, Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, PCN, Professor Emele Uka, has described the recommendation by the delegates to the national conference that churches pay tax as an act of foolishness, arguing that churches are not profit making ventures.
Speaking with Vanguard shortly after the 10th anniversary and dedication of Edibe Edibe Parish building in Calabar yesterday, Professor Uka said as individuals and responsible citizens, church members pay their taxes and wondered why anyone will even think of asking churches to also pay tax.
Meanwhile, the cleric decried the fate of the over 200 Chibok schoolgirls abducted by the Boko Haram Islamist sect, calling on the Federal Government to immediately concede to the sect’s demand by swapping the girls for Boko Haram members held by security agencies.
He said: “America has swapped. Israel has also swapped. Afghanistan also did the same thing. There is no crime in swapping the girls and there is no price too expensive to pay to ensure the release of the girls.”
They Tax their member but don’t want to be taxed hun?
EJB reader let hear you say in this. Should churches pay tax or not?

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