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Photos: Pregnant Woman Jumps From Burning Storey Building To Save Her Life



A heavily pregnant woman, name not mentioned, has been filmed jumping from the balcony of burning storey-building in order for her to escape being burnt to death.
The dramatic footage, which hit the internet at the weekend, is believed to be filmed in Turkey.
According to the photographs and video posted on youtube, thick smoke and huge flames engulfed the building as a crowd gathered below asking the pregnant woman to jump to save her life.
As the heavily-pregnant young woman was unable to flee, and she stood teetering on the edge of a roof, tense onlookers showed her where she should land by pointing to the centre of the crowd.
As it appears she may be overcome with smoke, onlookers scramble to hold out a sheet and pieces of cardboard. Luckily, the woman is able to jump from the first storey of the building and is caught by the crowd.
According to, the user who uploaded online, she is now recovering in hospital and is said to be in a good condition.
See photos taken below…

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