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Freed Sudanese Woman Meets Pope Francis In Italy (Photos)



The 27-year-old Sudanese mother of two was spared a death sentence for apostasy after an international outcry.
She was finally able to arrive Italy, after a lawsuit by which barred her from leaving Sudan was dropped by her family.
According to the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi in a statement, Ibrahim and her husband, Daniel Wani were were received at the pontiff’s guesthouse for just under 30 minutes in an atmosphere “of serenity and tenderness”.
“The pope thanked Meriam and her family for their courageous demonstration of constancy of faith. Meriam gave thanks for the great support and comfort which she received from the prayers of the pope and of many other people who believe and are of good will.”
Pope Francis, also wanted the meeting to have a symbolic aspect, Lombardi said. “With this gesture the pope wished also to show his closeness, attention and prayer for all those who suffer because of their faith and in particular Christians who suffer persecution or restriction to their freedom of religion

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