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Couple Caught Making Love In Broad Daylight Between Parked Cars (PHOTOS)



An obscene new video of an undaunted couple who made love publicly in-between two parked cars on the street of Magaluf has emerged.
The shocking video which was apparently filmed by an unknown person through a window covered the two minutes erotic escapades of the couple, who the video described as “British tourists”. Appearing to be in their thirties, the couple threw caution to wind and made love on a busy street of Magaluf not minding passersby and cars that swayed past the place they were ‘doing the do’.
Mirror however reported that when the couple were through with the shocking act, the man knelt down while the woman stood up, slowly arranging her skirt,she handed over a roll of tissue to the man. The video has since been put down due to its explicit content.
Magaluf which is located in Northern Ireland has still not survived from the shock of a related incident. It was reported that just last month, a young girl of 21 was filmed making love with 24 men at the same, and the video was circulated all over the social media networks. The young girl’s act had made the concerned authority to express anger over the uncalled public display. It  could be recalled that just recently, a 14-year-old boy committed suicide after video of him pleasuring himself spread all over his school in Southern California, USA.

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