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Another Nollywood Star, Desmond Elliot Joins Politics



Actor and director, Desmond Elliot has joined the ranks of Nollywood stars who want to try their hands in politics.
It seems the entertainment industry is no longer paying the bills as many of Nigeria’s entertainers have taken to new vocations in the political terrain, with many of them aiming for one political post or the other while many of them settle as Special Assistant to some governors or other political big wigs.
The latest to join the train is fine boy actor and director, Desmond Elliot, who has declared his intentions to join politics and contest for a seat the Lagos State House of Assembly to represent Surulere state constituency of the state.
Desmond who recently got a scholarship to study Law at the National Open University, says he has given a very serious thought to his ambition and knows that he is quite prepared to undertake the task of giving accountable representation to his people as well as give back to the society that made him.
This is how he justified his ambition:
«The current situation is very pathetic. I feel God has helped me thus far and I want to give back through politics that will be favourable to the youths.
«The worst part of our national life is that the level of corruption has not allowed youths to understand what it means to live a meaningful life.
«Just because of lack of knowledge of what to do, we are being side tracked. There are no jobs, and issues like these lead to frustration.
« A whole lot needs to be done on agriculture; every state in Nigeria needs to see how it can contribute to nation building. There’s a lot that needs to be done.
Nicely said Des! We hope you can fulfil on these promises when you get there.

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