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"I am Single, But Not Searching"- Juliet Ibrahim



Nollywood actress, Juliet Ibrahim who recently revealed that she is a divorcee, says she is not looking for a man.
Ghanaian actress and producer, Juliet Ibrahim, who recently announced her separation from her husband, Kwadwo Safo, has come out to quench rumours that she is actually in a relationship with Nigerian actor, IK Ogbonna, an affair which many pointed out as being responsible for her marriage break up.
When IK Ogbonna posted a video on Youtube begging Juliet to stay with him, sharing photos of their intimate moments, with the words:
«When u realize u are only human … And ur mistakes shouldn’t define u but build u. I am sorry is not just a word ..
«It’s a realization that brings alive a new creation if it’s meant.
Many felt the two were in a relationship even while she was still married but just a few days later, her publicist came out to say that she had been divorced for a long time but because of the child that was between her and her estranged husband, she had decided to keep the separation under wraps.
But in a recent interview, she was asked whether she is in a relationship since she is divorced but she replied that though she is single, she is not in any relationship and is not searching for any.
«I am not into any relationship at the moment. I am single, but not searching.
So where does this leave our own IK Ogbonna?

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