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PHOTOS: Sex Workers Storm Venues Of 2014 World Cup In Brazil



Brazilian prostitutes have been reported to be cashing in on the ongoing 2014 FIFA World Cup holding in Brazil.
Daily Mirror reports that around 4,000 girls are expected to be working in Rio’s Vila Mimosa offering football “specials” to fans from nations around the world.
It was gathered that the English fans are among those being specifically targeted by sex workers in Brazil’s biggest red light district as the competition gets under way on Thursday, 12 June, 2014.
Some reports suggest some women have been initiated into the sex trade specifically for the Mundial as fans descend on the city from around the globe.
Investigation carried out by different medial platforms indicate that the sex workers earn 60 Real – just €20 – for a half-hour of sex.
It was also gathered that many of the prostitutes are convinced they can secure a passport to a better life with fans from other countries.

One mother-of-two, Mel (20) told a reporter that “I would love to meet a man from your country (England), I wish to broaden my outlook.
“I became a prostitute three weeks ago. I know there will be a lot more custom for the World Cup. I use the money to support my family, pay the rent, the bills.
“We have been waiting for the English, I cannot speak their language, but I will communicate with the way I know best.
“I will charge them the same rate for half an hour, 60 Real, but 100 for an hour because they have come a long way.”
Her cousin Suelen dressed in a white England shirt while looking for business. She said: “I want to meet all these lovely new men from Europe – especially London. Of course I want Brazil to win, and I know it is going to be busy.
“We have brought in some extra staff and there are decorations to attract the customers and street vendors.”
An estimated 600,000 people are set to descend upon Brazil for the celebrated sporting event. But for many soccer fans it’s not just the competition that’s drawing them in, it’s the accessibility of child prostitutes.
For those who are 18 years old or older, prostitution is completely legal in Brazil. But advocates say that an inordinate number of people selling sex on the streets are nowhere near legal age.
“These girls come from extreme poverty, a culture of social exclusion and a tradition of profound disrespect for women,” Antonia Lima Sousa, state prosecutor, told CNN of the underage prostitutes.
Desperate girls, as young as 10 years old, with nowhere to turn see the World Cup as an auspicious money-making opportunity because of the influx of men to the area.

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