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Unbelievable: 'Old Women Still Have Sexual Urges' – Veteran Actress, Taiwo Ajai-Lycett



Veteran actress, Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett who recently revealed that young men still disturb her for sex at the age of 73 has said old age doesn’t matter when it comes to sex.
She made this known while promoting her stage play, Hear Word, where she plays a sexually active old woman.
According to her:
“I am an old woman in the play and in real life. I am 73. The society doesn’t think older women exist anymore, nobody thinks they feel anything. The people around old women never realize they are going through a turmoil, nobody cares about them. So what I am trying to portray is that it’s not over until it is over. That an old woman is still alive in more ways than one, they still have sexual urges, people forget an old woman is human. An old woman enjoys her sexual life more when she no longer thinks about children’s school fees, when the children have all gone to their husband’s houses or in some cases the boys have married and it remains only the old woman and her husband. It never crosses our mind that these old parents can still get on whenever they like. Do you know that when an old man realizes he is free from child bearing, he becomes promiscuous and they are susceptible to all kinds of diseases. But the old woman is confined to a corner in the house, nobody thinks she is still actually active” she said.
The legendary actress who lost her husband 20 years ago hasn’t ruled out the option of re-marrying as she was quoted in an interview she had in March as saying: “I have a 53 year old man who wants to marry me. When you fall in love, you fall in love. You can’t command the heart to fall in love and it wouldn’t be a relationship if love isn’t involved”.
The award winning Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett, a former journalist who resumed her stage career in 1971 at the Bublin Theatre Festival with her appearance in Conor Cruise O’Brien’s Murderous Angels has appeared in several notable TV and stage production since her return to Nigeria in 1976.
She featured in the Mnet TV Series ‘Tinsel’ and has remained one of Nigeria’s outstanding actress.

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