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"I Prefer Sex With My Laptop" – Former Lawyer Files Application To Marry His Porn-Filled MacBook



Sad day for the former lawyer Chris Sevier, whose marriage application was turned down after it had been discovered that he wanted to marry his porn-filled laptop, Telegraph reports.
Last year the applicant, who was suspended from practising in 2011 over mental problems, wanted to sue Apple because after mistyping “Facebook” he was directed to the page with pornographic photos, which he said ruined his marriage and caused enormous emotional distress.
Now Sevier claimed he was in love with his Apple MacBook “preferred having sex with it over all other persons or things” .
Mr. Sevier reasoned his position as follows: “If gay couples have the right to marry their object of sexual desire, even if they lack corresponding sexual parts, then I should have the right to marry my preferred sexual object.”
The judge characterized the case as either “satirical” or “removed from reality”, adding that it has nothing to do with the law. Love hurts and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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