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Four People Drown Trying To Retrieve Bucket From A Well



Tragedy occurred along Ogoja Road, Ikom in the Central Senatorial District of Cross River State, on Saturday as four people drowned while trying to retrieve a bucket from the bottom of a well.
A resident who spoke on condition of anonymity said the victims drowned one after another, and attributed the tragedy to a spiritual force.
According to another resident, who gave her name as Janet, the first person to enter the well was John Ushie.
She said Ushie, was preparing to go to work that morning and went to the well to fetch water when the string with which the bucket he was drawing the water fell inside the well.
Janet said he decided to retrieve it by jumping into the well but ended up gulping water and drowned, adding that his brother, Boniface, who had left the house for his shop at the Ikom Main Market, was told
was has happened on phone, rushed down on Okada and jumped into the well to rescue his brother but also downed in the process .
When Boniface could not come out, another neighbor jumped in to try and rescue the two brothers from the well, but he too drowned.
She further revealed that when the landlord, Eyung Ebam, saw what had happened, he too jumped into the well to rescue the drowning men and he also drowned
“It was at this point that nobody was willing to get into the well and the National Drug Law Enforcement, NDLEA, officials who were mounting a road block close to the house called the Fire Service and
they arrived soon” Janet said.
Janet said that when the Fire Service men arrived at the scene, one of them jumped into the well with a rope with which he tied the landlord and pulled him out.
“He tied the rope around his chest region and gradually his colleagues dragged him out but when he got close to the point they wanted to grab him and pull him out, the rope slipped and he went down again hitting the others inside which may have eventually killed everyone inside” she said.
According to her, the four bodies were pulled out by the Fire Service men and were taken to County Hospital, Ikom Four Corners were the victims were confirmed dead by Dr. Ukwam.
An official of the Cross River State Fire Service,  Ikom, Mt Linus Ework, said he received a distress call at about 7 am and him and his men rushed to the scene to rescue the victims but “it was unfortunate
that it was a little too late as three of them were pulled out dead”.

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