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Woman Joins Angry Crowd to Strip and Hack her own Husband to Death



65-year-old Linda Khumalo from Mamelodi West in
South Africa’s Tshwane, a well-known painter in the
area, was stripped, whipped, stoned and hacked to death after being accused of molesting a 12-year-old girl by his community.
His wife was among those throwing stones at him and
his 17-year-old daughter could only stand helplessly
while her father was being killed.
Woman helps angry crowd strip and hack husband to
death His wife, Salome Mthapo, also 65, said: “I thought he learnt his lesson after what happened the last time.
“When I heard that people were beating him, I couldn’t resist and threw bottles and stones at him.
“But I never thought he would be killed. I’m
heartbroken and regret my part in his death.”
Linda’s daughter Elizabeth Malantshwane said she was home when friends came to tell her that her father was.being beaten in the street.
“My father was covered in blood and they kept assaulting him. I knew he was going to die when I saw someone hack him with a panga, splitting his head into two,” she said.
Linda’s nephew Bongani Khumalo (26) said: “No one
deserves to die like that. If he did something wrong, they should have called the cops.”
A neighbour, who didn’t want to be named, said no one
was able to stop the angry crowd, not even the police.
Captain Johannes Maheso said three suspects aged
between 21 and 24 were arrested and appeared briefly at the Mamelodi Magistrates Court on Monday on a
charge of murder.

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