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No player can bribe me – Keshi



When he was asked during the press briefing by a reporter about Osaze and ike Uche,  Kehi adjusted on his seat, looked at the crowd and asked for the
Reporter’s name. He cleared his throat and retorted.
‘’Before these players started playing football, I’ve made my money.
They cannot give me money to satisfy my hunger. In the past, other
coaches did it. I, Stephen Okechukwu Keshi can’t be bribed. You
can’t bribe me. There is nothing you can use to entice me.
Many rich people come to me with money to influence calling their
wards or playing them. I shunned them. Equatorial Guinea promised
to pay me more money than what Nigeria is paying me.
The most important thing to me is coaching the Super Eagles.
Bringing joy to so many millions of Nigerians is my ultimate joy.
I was with Ike Uche in South Africa during the African Cup of
Nations in South Africa. I have no personal grudge against him. He
is a good player. But not all good players play for their national team.
If you are not a team player, you can’t play for me.
Nobody has money to buy me because I’m well by God’s grace’’.

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