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Hypocrite now too much in the churches! -Reasons why some don't go to church.



Sundays were supposed to be days for worshiping God,after 6 day of the 7 days of the week must have gone by. But of late people seem to have disregarded this ,and after our survey here is some of the reasons why.
1.Hypocrite now many in the church– some people come to church everyday, but do a lot of unimaginable evil once they are out.
2.Church now a money “business” zone – These days if you don’t have money then don’t think of going to any church so as to avoid embarrassment. Because you are recognised by the amount you give.
3.Discrimination – I was taught that Jesus love all even the leprosy,but today in church it’s other wise,once you are sick the church forgets about you.
4.Offertory now row by row – Most Churches now go for offertory chair row by chair row, this was introduced so as to force everybody to go for offertory since you can’t stand the shame of being left in the seat alone.
5.People now use the church as shield – People who commit heavy sins like ritualist and money made from oppressing the poor, now go to church to offer huge about of money and the church won’t care about it’s source.
Finally they are a lot of thing going on in the church which aren’t what Christ instituted them for.
Please feel free to add yours ….

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