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(Fraud) UBA Customer account Emptied by Fraud star



He got alert of huge amount he had waited for so long on Friday
28 Feb on his phone (MTN). After a couple of hours on that same
Friday he discovered that the MTN line on which he got the alert
suddenly began to write sim failure. That was around 5pm on
Friday. So he thought may be it was the regular network failure.
On Saturday March 1st, he needed some money for his business so
he walked down to ATM point to get some cash just to discover all
the money was gone! He called his account manager immediately
and was told the money was transferred to other banks when she
When he got to the bank, UBA on Monday, he was told the money
was moved to three different banks: zenith, first bank and GTB
Friday evening. On getting to MTN office that same day he was
told the line was retrieved that same Friday evening. The bank said
the money was moved using internet banking whereas the guy never
had, activate or use internet banking on that account.
The matter is still very fresh in our hand now, please counsel him,
what should he do?
It was obvious the line was retrieved so he would not get the alert
as the money was being moved.
1. Is it possible for MTN to retrieve somebody’s line while the line
was still working without proper confirmation?
2. Is it possible to use the internet banking you never subscribed to or
activated to move the money? Something tells me it is insider of the
bank. Or can it be otherwise?
What your advice to him?

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