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Top 5 blogs in Nigeria (Linda Ikeji tops the list again)



1. Linda Ikeji
Linda Ikeji’s blog. Linda Ikeji covers news,
events, lifestyle, entertainment and sometimes gossip and is currently
ranked number 88 and is one of the biggest entertainment blogs in
2.AY’s Blog
Aythecomedian blog is one of the highest blog that get people laughing,it also give news on celebrity and gossips .
3. Talk of Naija
Talk of Naija, a portal that covers everything
from politics to entertainment in Nigeria. If you are a fan of
Nigerian producer, Don Jazzy on Facebook, you have likely seen
one of their news stories on your timeline. The site currently ranks
number 102 in Nigeria.
4. Edu Jandon’s blog
Edujandon’s blog which is owned by Ezeorah Chinedu is give update on general news all over Naija and the world,it is said to always keep you up to date,it is currently ranked 110 in Nigeria .
5. Bella Naija
Fifth on the list is renowned Nigerian entertainment and lifestyle
portal, Bella Naija. Bella Naija currently ranks number 115 in
Nigeria. Watch its Founder’s interview with CNN here .

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